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  • We are going to gradually close the clients’ code cards during 2018. In the future, it will be possible to log into Internet Bank by using the Smart-ID, ID-card, Mobile-ID and PIN-calculator. We shall send you a notice with the precise date, before closing your code card.
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  • How to make Internet banking secure - choose a safe password, don't leave your code card without supervision etc Read more
  • In order to verify the authority of the provider of the web page when using the Internet bank, check the address of the bank's server and the security certificate of the server when entering the Internet address. Read more


  • Assignment of authorised users

    To change the rights of users of the Internet Bank for Business, or to add users, entering a separate environment is no longer required. To do that, enter the Internet Bank and select Preferences->Manage Users on the upper menu bar.

    Using an ID-card

    If you experience problems using the ID-card, see the guidelines for using an ID-card . If you experience problems with the ID-card itself, contact the ID-card support centre.

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Before entering into an agreement, we advise you to carefully review the terms and conditions on the AS SEB Pank website.
If necessary, consult with a representative of the bank.

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