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  • Redemption and issue prices are indicative and do not apply to transactions entered today. More detailed overview of the transaction cycles of different funds and the relevant pricing days can be found from the public offer prospectus of the respective fund units or shares, in case of SEB Luxembourg Funds also from the document Special Terms and Conditions of Offering Units in Estonia (Appendix 2).

    The rate of return achieved by the Fund in previous periods and the history of the Fund do not constitute a promise or indication with regard to its rate of return or the achievement of its objectives in future periods. Read more»

Group funds 
Equity fundsPerformanceDateNAVCurrency
1 day1 month1 year
Eastern-European equity funds
SEB Eastern Europe ex Russia Fund+1,04% +0,84% -14,07% 24.093,116EURBuy Sell
SEB Eastern Europe Small Cap Fund+1,28% +3,44% -8,86% 24.094,115EURBuy Sell
SEB Russia Fund+0,91% +5,26% +6,37% 24.0910,728EURBuy Sell
European equity funds
SEB Ethical Europe Fund-0,38% +0,12% -0,03% 24.093,388EURBuy Sell
SEB Europe Fund-0,41% -0,26% +1,38% 24.095,069EURBuy Sell
SEB Nordic Small Cap Fund-0,02% +1,58% +12,31% 24.09410,249EURBuy Sell
SEB Sustainability Nordic Fund+0,78% +1,47% +3,28% 24.0913,507EURBuy Sell
North-American equity funds
SEB US All Cap-0,73% +1,02% +14,00% 24.099,307USDBuy Sell
Emerging markets equity funds
SEB Asia ex. Japan Fund0,00% +1,97% +0,72% 24.0911,404USDBuy Sell
SEB Asia Small Caps ex. Japan Fund0,00% -6,22% +2,34% 24.0949,162SEKBuy Sell
SEB Emerging Markets Fund0,00% +1,43% -6,23% 24.093,053USDBuy Sell
Global equity funds
SEB Global Chance / Risk Fund-0,44% -0,63% +9,52% 24.091,587EURBuy Sell
Sector funds
SEB Concept Biotechnology fund-0,42% -0,86% +8,31% 24.09107,825EURBuy Sell
SEB Medical Fund+0,14% +1,55% +8,63% 24.097,906USDBuy Sell
SEB Technology Fund C-0,40% +0,80% +17,21% 24.090,504USDBuy Sell
Bond fundsPerformanceDateNAVCurrency
1 day1 month1 year
SEB Alternative Fixed Income+0,16% +0,07% -2,82% 24.0910,01EURBuy Sell
SEB Corporate Bond Fund EUR-0,12% -0,42% -0,59% 24.091,677EURBuy Sell
SEB Danish Mortgage Bond Fund+0,14% -0,08% +1,56% 24.09146,752EURBuy Sell
SEB Dynamic Bond Fund-0,01% +0,13% -0,62% 24.09102,205EURBuy Sell
SEB Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund+0,26% -0,04% -6,34% 24.09103,613EURBuy Sell
SEB Short Bond Fund EUR0,00% -0,08% -0,47% 24.091,276EURBuy Sell
SEB Sustainable High Yield Fund-0,06% -0,15% -1,13% 24.09153,278EURBuy Sell
Pension fundsPerformanceDateNAVCurrency
1 day1 month1 year
Pension II pillar funds
SEB Energiline Pensionifond-0,37% -0,02% +4,82% 24.090,92534EUR
SEB Energiline Pensionifond Indeks-0,69% -0,20% +8,77% 24.090,71313EUR
SEB Konservatiivne Pensionifond-0,05% -0,20% -1,06% 24.090,90288EUR
SEB Optimaalne Pensionifond-0,09% -0,16% -0,61% 24.090,87313EUR
SEB Progressiivne Pensionifond-0,30% -0,17% +1,18% 24.091,10547EUR
Pension III pillar funds
SEB Aktiivne Pensionifond-0,43% +0,02% +6,79% 24.091,23935EUR
SEB Tasakaalukas Pensionifond-0,09% -0,19% -0,89% 24.091,21683EUR
Strategy fundsPerformanceDateNAVCurrency
1 day1 month1 year
Fund of funds
SEB deLuxe Multi Asset Balance Fund+0,15% -0,44% +0,38% 24.0967,661EURBuy Sell
SEB deLuxe Multi Asset Defensive Fund+0,06% -0,26% -3,38% 24.0953,853EURBuy Sell
SEB deLuxe Multi Asset Defensive Plus Fund+0,09% -0,43% -1,62% 24.0959,697EURBuy Sell
Global multi asset strategy
SEB Strategy Balanced+0,11% -0,74% +4,13% 24.09123,67EURBuy Sell
SEB Strategy Defensive+0,08% -0,47% +1,22% 24.09115,612EURBuy Sell
SEB Strategy Growth+0,18% -1,30% +13,11% 24.09153,478EURBuy Sell
SEB Strategy Opportunity+0,15% -1,09% +7,65% 24.09137,519EURBuy Sell
Global fundsPerformanceDateNAVCurrency
1 day1 month1 year
SEB Asset Selection Fund-0,45% -2,22% -8,07% 24.0915,69EURBuy Sell
SEB Listed Private Equity Fund-0,31% +1,66% +12,14% 24.09300,419EURBuy Sell

Starting from 17 October 2016 it is not possible anymore to carry out transactions with the units/shares of funds managed by SEB Investment Management AB (SEB IM) in any other currency than the base currency of the respective fund unit or share. If the base currency of the unit is not euro, the figures concerning the historical prices and the past performance of the units/shares disclosed on this webpage may not always be accurate. When carrying out transactions, the actual data shall be taken as basis, on which the inaccuracy of presenting in historical prices and performance has no impact. Neither does the possible inaccuracy influence the value of the client’s securities portfolio in Internet Bank. Precise figures of historical performance can be found from the Key Information Document for the specific fund.

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