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SEB Progressiivne Pensionifond

  • Redemption and issue prices are indicative and do not apply to transactions entered today. More detailed overview of the transaction cycles of different funds and the relevant pricing days can be found from the public offer prospectus of the respective fund units or shares, in case of SEB Luxembourg Funds also from the document Special Terms and Conditions of Offering Units in Estonia (Appendix 2).

    The rate of return achieved by the Fund in previous periods and the history of the Fund do not constitute a promise or indication with regard to its rate of return or the achievement of its objectives in future periods. Read more»

This fund is right for you, if

  • you have more than 3 years until retirement
  • you prefer a medium risk fund
  • the goal is to grow the pension assets


The SEB Progressive Pension Fund invests up to 50% of its assets in shares, with the remainder allocated to bonds and deposits. As the fund invests in shares, bonds and deposits in an equal amount, moderate fluctuations in the value of the fund's assets may occur.

Bonds, money market instruments and deposits
Equities, securities bearing the equity risk

Savings goal

The main goal of the SEB Progressive Pension Fund is to grow the value of the pension assets. This means that the long-term rate of return of the money allocated to the pension fund should exceed the rate of inflation.


1 day-0,02%
1 month+0,87%
1 year-0,47%
3y (p.a.)+1,33%
5y (p.a.)+2,35%
From the start of fund (p.a.)+3,33%


History of fund prices
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Prices and risk indicators

Lower risk

Higher risk

Potentially lower rewards

Potentially higher rewards

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NAV of unit1,09475 EUR
Redemption price*1,09475 EUR
Issue price*1,09475 EUR
Risk levelMedium
Sharpe ratio+0,50
Standard deviation4,25%

* Redemption and issue prices are indicative and do not apply to transactions entered today.
Data as of 15.11.2018


Management fee 1,12%.
Purchase of units 0%
Sale of units 0%


Fund manager SEB Varahaldus
Supervisory and Management Board
Depository AS SEB Pank
Auditing company AS Pricewater-
Fund manager Endriko Võrklaev, Vladislavas Zaborovskis (
ISIN EE3600019725
Fund manager's participation rate in fund 2 500 000 units
Additional information
tel. 6 655 100

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