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SEB Eastern Europe Small Cap Fund

  • Redemption and issue prices are indicative and do not apply to transactions entered today. More detailed overview of the transaction cycles of different funds and the relevant pricing days can be found from the public offer prospectus of the respective fund units or shares, in case of SEB Luxembourg Funds also from the document Special Terms and Conditions of Offering Units in Estonia (Appendix 2).

    The rate of return achieved by the Fund in previous periods and the history of the Fund do not constitute a promise or indication with regard to its rate of return or the achievement of its objectives in future periods. Read more»

SEB Eastern Europe Small Cap Fund is a fund with a high risk level that is actively managed fund that focuses on small caps companies in Eastern Europe including Russia and countries in the surrounded region. The fund may also invest in small cap companies outside this region provided they derive a minimum of 40 percent of their sales or profits from one or several of the eligible countries in the region. Small cap companies are defined as companies with market capitalisation of up to 2 billion euro.

The main categories of financial instruments are equities and equity related instruments.

Derivatives may be used to achieve investment objectives or for hedging. Derivatives are a type of financial instrument, the value of which is derived from underlying financial instruments.

SEB follows the UN Principles for Responsible Investments. The principles guide us in acting and investing responsibly, and promoting good business ethics and governance at SEB and the companies in which we invest.

This fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to withdraw their money within 5 year(s).

As with most placements, the investment value of this fund could sometimes be negative: the investors risk with getting a smaller amount in return, than initially invested.


1 day-0,49%
1 month+4,40%
1 year-7,26%
3y (p.a.)+15,41%
5y (p.a.)+9,73%
From the start of fund (p.a.)+9,28%


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NAV of unit4,22600 EUR
Redemption price*4,18374 EUR
Issue price*4,26826 EUR
Risk levelHigh
Sharpe ratio+0,57
Standard deviation13,48%

* Redemption and issue prices are indicative and do not apply to transactions entered today.
Data as of 19.10.2018


Management fee 1,75%
Purchase of units 1%
Sale of units 1%


Fund manager SEB Investment Management AB
Fund manager Marko Daljajev
ISIN LU0086828794
Additional information
tel. 6 655 100

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