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ISIC and ITIC cards

Ordering cards

SEB is the only bank that offers school and university students, teachers and academic staff cards which are international bank cards, proof of student/teacher status and global discount cards in one.

One card – many options!

  • The card acts as proof of your status as a student or teacher
  • The card provides you with thousands of discounts
  • The card unites the best aspects of a number of different cards
  • The card enables to make everyday bank transactions and pay for purchases online

To make yourself a card, choose the picture you like best.

Select picture

Picture requirements

  • Picture files should be in .jpg, .gif or .png format and max. 2 MB in size
  • Take the required dimensions into account when adjusting your picture
  • By submitting your picture to the bank you are confirming that it is a picture of the person for whom the card is being ordered
  • The bank reserves the right to reject pictures which are of insufficient quality or which are deemed inappropriate
  • Should the bank refuse to issue the card for one of the reasons given above, notification shall be given to the account holder via the e-mail address or telephone number given in the order